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Young people have been central in helping to shape our research and we have a dedicated group of youth advisers to advocate a young voice in all aspects of the study. The Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) has been involved from the outset in a variety of ways including designing survey questions, creating website and newsletter content and disseminating early results.

Scroll below to meet a few of our members and hear about their involvement in BRIGHTLIGHT.



The research team invited the YAP to a workshop to find out about how young people use the internet to look for information and support about their cancer. What the young people told us assisted us to design a study looking at how best to deliver online information and support for young people with cancer. This is a study funded by Teenage Cancer Trust.


Date 19/01/2018


As data collection speeds up, the research team invited the YAP to a workshop to focus on how the data should be analysed from the perspective of young people. Using a game of Twister,

Date 18/09/2015

the YAP go to FYSOT

During our ‘bridging the gap’ workshop the YAP told us a great way to keep the young people updated with our study was to present early findings. We listened to them and sent Maria and Zeena from the YAP to join in on the fun at Find Your Sense of Tumour.

Date 23/11/2014

video archive

Aside from workshops, the YAP have been involved in a number of other activities watch their videos here.


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