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In 2005 guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended all young people in England aged 15-24 years with cancer should have access to specialist age-appropriate cancer care. There are 13 principal treatment centres (PTC) in England linked to other regional hospitals that are designated to deliver age-appropriate care. While the way care is delivered is different in each PTC they have a common philosophy of care. Professionals and patients say ‘specialist age-appropriate care’ is “better” for young people, but there is limited evidence to support this.¬†BRIGHTLIGHT is generating the evidence to underpin future policy recommendations.

The BRIGHTLIGHT programme of research has expanded beyond the original work streams of the NIHR-funded programme grant, and now includes a broad range of affiliated studies related to young people’s cancer care. Details of both the original BRIGHTLIGHT studies and additional affiliated studies can be explored under the ‘All Studies‘ tab.


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