FAITH GIBSON Clinical Professor of Children’s and Young People’s Cancer Care

Faith is a nurse by background, she has worked in a children’s hospital for many years. She has a number of qualifications that help her in her role, she trained first as a nurse who cares for adults, then she switched to a focus on children and young people and undertook specific training to do that, and she also undertook further education in cancer care. Faith made a move from teaching into research some years ago now, and to help her here she undertook a research training degree- a PhD. She now works between a hospital and a university in London, doing and supervising others to do research. Being in a research role now means more time spent at a desk, writing new studies to get funding, publishing and sharing with others work that is now completed: so writing and talking feature highly in her day-to-day work. Through this work she has been lucky enough to influence the expansion of knowledge and practice that comes from research, helping to shape the care of both children, young people and their families. Faith’s title is Clinical Professor of Children’s and Young People’s Cancer Care and she works at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust and London South Bank University. In addition to her work, she has many interests mainly relating to the arts, dance, music and film.

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