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It was on Halloween 2013 that my life was flipped upside-down. After numerous misdiagnoses, I was formally told I had stage 4B Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It had taken around a year for the puzzle pieces to fit together after having suffered with unexpected weight loss, severe fatigue and night sweats. Two years on, I have endured four different chemotherapy regimens, followed by a stem cell transplant. The doctors seem confident that no further treatment will be required in the future. During my cancer journey, one of the big comforts I found was in facts and figures, and this lead me to get involved on the Young Advisory Panel (YAP!) with Brightlight. It was extremely interesting to be a part of emerging results, and also very reassuring. Through my participation in the Brightlight Study, I have been able to meet an amazing bunch of inspirational young adults who all hold the same ideology – Teenage and Young Adult cancer services are a vital lifeline for us during our treatment.

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