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When I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2012 it was a bolt out of the blue. Suddenly I had teams of people running around arranging treatment, looking after me or just generally being there; I was the focus of a lot of attention. I wouldn't be sat here today writing this article if it wasn't for the fantastic support and treatment provided by NHS Doctors and support staff, my family and friends, alongside charities and other organisations. So when I was offered the chance to give something back by simply participating in a survey it was a no-brainer. One of my nurses explained that the BRIGHTLIGHT Study would help the government understand how Cancer and treatment affects Teenager’s and Young Adult’s lives, the ultimate goal being to use the data to provide more effective support. Well, that’s got to be positive, right? I’m nearly at the end of my involvement with BRIGHTLIGHT. I’ve completed several online questionnaires since beginning my treatment, all easily accessible online click-through surveys that didn’t take long. I’ve also had the chance to meet with like-minded people of a similar age-group at a BRIGHTLIGHT Workshop in London. Here we discussed ways to improve the service and the type of content we think is relevant with some of the key staff leading the survey. Personally, I was given a lot of support for free from many sources. Taking part in this study has been a great way to give something back. I also feel I am being listened to and have the opportunity to create a better experience for people in the future who find themselves in the awful situation I was in three years ago.

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